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With users in over 150 countries, HairStylist.com is the main place on the Internet for hair stylists, hairdressers, beauticians, barbers and cosmetologist who want to network with one another and find new business connections, as well as everyday men, women and children looking for a hairstylist and/or hair care products to improve the look, feel, texture, and style of their own hair.

HairStylist.com, a worldwide hair stylist directory, was created in 1997 by hair stylists for hair clients. Stylists grow their client base on the site by marketing their services to new clients and building an online following, while clients find stylists, services and products they’re looking for. Clients are able to see hair professionals’ profiles along with model photos to discover the stylist who is right for them. Obviously, a hair client can’t visit every stylist to try them all out and see which one is their best match, so this website helps clients search and find their best hairstylist for their wants and needs. Furthermore, HairStylist.com is setup so clients can find the best human hair and the best beauty salon, too!

HairStylist.com is run by the longtime owner of N Tune 2 Beauty, a well-respected beauty salon in Los Angeles, in operation since 1983. HairStylist.com is connected with many self-employed, independent hairstylist and independent contractors working in the field of cosmetology who are part of our Beauty Industry Network. Hair stylist use our site to showcase the products and services they offer to people who are looking for hair care and hairstyle information and resources on the Internet.

HairStylist.com offers beauty products from several different brands you know and trust, with some of the best deals on the web. Furthermore, the site offers beauty tips, informative articles about hairstyles, and more. Hair care, hair weaves, hair coloring, hair loss problems, skin care, nail care, and make-up are other topics this site talks about.

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