Barber use Fire to cut Great Hairstyles

Barber Hair Cut with FIRE, Check here the strange and new style of fashion.  

Barber Hair Cut with FIRE

                  Barber Hair Cut with FIRE

Barbers Cutting hair with machines and scissors is old fashioned for a Palestinian hairdresser who has been the furor of YouTube to demonstrate that there are new techniques to change his style, his is to use candela.
His name is Ramadan Edwan, a 35-year-old professional hairdresser, barber who lives in the Rafah refugee camp in the Gaza Strip. Barber Hair Cut with FIRE popularity is due to a video-sharing on YouTube where it demonstrates its skill and skill for the cut of hair.

Haircuts evolve. What today is a fashion tomorrow is not and tomorrow, perhaps, tomorrow is again. The barber hairstylists, on the other hand, must be aware of the novelty and avant-garde detail that makes them required.  A video uploaded in recent days transformed it into the new sensation of styling. Its peculiar technique of hairstyle that changes the new tools by a primitive one: the fire.

Fire Hair Comb Hairstyling

Fire Hair Comb Hair-styling

The technique is not new. They call it fire barbering since in Palestine many people use it to shave their beards. “We used this idea for a long time and with more experience we became better,” said the Palestinian coiffeur. Fire barbering, beyond a potential risk, one of its advantages is that it allows greater ease when combing hair. It makes it more manipulative. In turn, according to the professional, it has repercussions on other benefits: “it feeds the hair and protects the root of it. The degree of temperature expands the follicles,” he said. Edwan, the new star of the stylist, uses a small gas tank to light the large flame with which maneuver in the heads of its clients. Adventurous customers eager to experiment, it seems that they are not lacking.

A new hair treatment is the fashion that has been vitalized by social networks. Always with caution, but no less strange is the new tendency of the haircut with fire that some hairdressers have begun to realize in some countries. This was the video that impacted on the team at La Manana, where Rafa also said that he had once done it.


His technique is based specifically on burning the client’s hair. And while it is risky, it is the only option you have to continue with your business due to the constant light cuts suffered by the area in which you live.

The method of setting fire to the head of its customers has made many people come to their barbershop wanting their hair to be cut in this radical way, as it has also caught several curious who come in amazed to see the hairdresser work. Logically, Ramadan first explains to his clients what he will do. After firing their heads on fire, she gives them a cream to shape her hair. The result is impressive and all people are more than satisfied.