Beautiful New Year Hairstyle Ideas for Women Stepping in 2017

It’s that time of the year again, walking into new year’s is an exciting prospect. Yes yes, it might be too early for you but is it?? Wipe away the mistakes of the past and welcome 2017 with these new year hairstyle ideas and change for the better.  To start off, one of the first things you should change is the way your hair looks. Revamping your hairstyle can be empowering and have a positive effect for both genders, the perfect start to the year. Is it about time people start taking notice of you and perhaps you can set a trend this new year eve?

New Year HairStyle Ideas

Trends keep changing, something that we might see this year is average hair. Not too long neither too short, just enough to play around and give freedom to your fantasies. Try changing the color and texture with a dryer and Iron. Average hair is great for styles like medium bob, capable and stepped.

The shaggy or disheveled style is based on several capable in the hair, giving it a volume effect.  Rosie Huntington, the former model for Victoria’s Secret, is one of the celebrities that has adopted this style.

Until last year wearing fringe was a thing of the past, but this will change this year as the style tries to reclaim itself. It cuts the medium bob completing fringe that is symmetrical. The fringe gringe will be dominant. It’s time to shake off your fears and embrace fringe if you still fear to wear it. The fringe style ditches the long side for freer hair.

Preferred for people with an oval face, if you are changing hairstyle this new year’s, pixie could be a great hairdo to try out. The style leans on the shorter side. You can play around with the texture and volume as you like. Wanna take some risk? Shaving a part of your will be sensual and daring.



Which New Year Hairstyle will suit your face?


Two women with similar face and shape are hard to find, not to mention tastes vary from person to person.

Your face might be oval shaped, heart-shaped or round, with each shape and size the hairstyles will vary. For example, an elongated oval face might suit waves and curly hair while some others might suit shorter straight hairdo.

Let’s have a look at the different new hairstyles that will suit you best this year


  1. Oval shaped faces come with a certain versatility to them. Almost all hairstyles fit an oval face. Long mane or medium mane with layers on the sides accentuate the face and is usually a good choice. The waves falling to the shoulders will give volume and highlight your cheekbones, making your face look rounder. The famous bob haircut helps fill in the holes in the face making it look broader, creating a balance.
  2. Women with the longer face should try shorter hairstyles; that adds width and volume to the uncovered neck giving it a rounder look. The half mane creates a cut in the face and makes it look round. People with longer faces should avoid long hairdos and stick to short new headdress that adds more volume. Styles with layers, the curly hair and waves are ideal; they create a perfect harmony between face and hair.
  3. Capeado is the best hairstyle for those with round faces. The long layers create an illusion of elongation. Avoid adding volume to the sides, since they give width, something we are trying to hide. You can wear a medium mane on the shoulders or if you prefer to wear it long. It is best to wear hairstyles that exceed the height of your chin.
  4. The heart-shaped faces are a bit tricky. Generally, the ones with a pointed chin, the half mane suits them best. The off-line help disguise the width of our temples and cheekbones completely, but the middle line is more favorable. It brings asymmetrical cut to your face showing balance.