Finger waves 1920s Black History

Finger waves, 1920’s Fingerwaves is apart of Black history ? ?  Granddaughter of a Slave!  Marjorie Stewart Joyner was born in Monterey, Virginia on October 24, 1896, the granddaughter of a slave and a slave-owner. In 1912, an eager Marjorie moved to Chicago, Illinois to pursue a career in cosmetology. She enrolled in the A.B. Molar […]

Short Hairstyles Hair Stylist

Short Hairstyles Hair Stylist. Short Hair Stylist from Houston,Texas. Hair Stylist can master a Short hair cut and hair styles are sassy. featuring Stephanie at Texas Barber and Hairstyle College. N Tune 2 Beauty– Stephanie.   Google+:

A Look that just Speaks!

A Look that just Speaks! When you want to know the “Where for Hair“,  HairStylist.Com is a resourceful for all of your Hair needed. “A Look that just Speaks” defines me. I see visions of what is currently happening in your life, and I see them in perspective of your entire karmic pattern.

Stertina Shantel Johnson

Stertina Shantel Johnson,  A hairstylist’s daughter said good bye on December 16, 2014. Seeing Stertina on the highway is joy and pain at the same time. Joy knowing that her Father, God is with her. The pain is knowing she will not be returning. Health is very Important and a Healthy state of mine is key. She had Style. Stertina Shantel Johnson, […]