How to choose a court of hair according to the form of your face?


If you are determined to change the look, we give you an infallible guide to find a style that highlights your features and that suits your face type. Coco Chanel said: “When a woman cuts her hair, she’s about to change her life.” And we believe him, because a change in the image, resounding or not so much, can be an important milestone for many and therefore require prior analysis. For this experience to be satisfactory, Beauty File recommends looking for a model that fits the shape of the face and the personal imprint. The good news is that the variety of haircuts for women is infinite and adapts to the most specific needs. Celebrities, actresses and international singers can be a useful reference when evaluating a female haircut. Where to start? We give you the steps to follow. Here we mainly discourse about hair style cutting tips.

What hair cut to choose according to the form of your face?

There are at least 5 types of faces. Once the shape of the factions is identified, it is good to keep in mind the suggestions of the experts.

What style favors? The ideal haircut for women with a round face will seek to provide a sense of length. The advisable length is at shoulder height. In addition, the soft layers provide movement, without generating lateral volume. The bangs should always be long and blunt, preferably to use sideways.

Those who like the line in the middle, can follow the example of Selena Gomez, and leave long hair with layers. A lob with waves like Drew Barrymore’s is also a good option.

The not resounding: to the manes at the height of the jaw.

How to cut? The length of the face can be balanced with a cut that provides texture, body and volume. The long stepped and bangs to one side will be good alternatives.  The actress Sarah Jessica Parker is an expert in taking advantage of her cut for the elongated face. Another reference is the looks of Liv Tyler. An alternative to avoid: those hairstyles where the hair is very close to the face.

Better styles? The selected cuts should look for softness in the features. The bob, for example, favor these faces because they provide volume on both sides. The fringe can be used overturned to one side, diagonally. Do you love long hair? Soft layers or light waves will be the best alternative.

Sandra Bullock conceals her very marked chin with waves in her half mane. In contrast, Keira Knightley prefers a bob at chin height.

An extra fact: the recommended length in a hair cut for a square face is above the clavicle.

Those who have the face in the form of inverted triangle or heart should opt for medium length cuts, disheveled hair and bangs at the side. If you decide on the layers, it is best to start below the cheekbones. The bob with waves that Scarlett Johansson uses is a great choice. Reese Witherspoon, meanwhile, has tried with a straight mane combed to the side. The professional advice: it is always better that the line is on its side.

Gets more valuable hair cutting tips, for this type of features there are almost no limitations when it comes to selecting a haircut. The reason is that the harmony of the face accepts many looks.

Some positive examples: Jennifer Lopez uses the middle line with waves and lots of volume, achieving a very natural image.

The only warning: in a haircut for the oval face it may be convenient to leave the bangs long, to shorten the length in the physiognomy.

If in doubt, the advice of a stylist can be fundamental. Your point of view will make a big difference. Click here to know more about hair style cutting tips.