How to choose your ideal haircut

If you are looking for your ideal haircut, the texture, the characteristics of it and the shape of your face are very important factors when choosing. It is very possible that you have gone from wanting to try a cut that you saw a friend or a celebrity and that simply did not stay as expected. Here you can some proper ideas about hair style cutting tips for women.

The question is: How to know which style will look best on you?

Many hairstyles are very easy to make and you can have a super sexy and glamorous look in a matter of minutes. If your hair is thick or thin, curly or smooth, or your face is round or square, stay calm because there is a style for you. Keep reading this article if you want to know the tricks to choose your ideal cut. Maybe you’re interested: The secrets to always look good in photographs.  Choose a cut that complements your face. In general, a good rule to follow is to use a style that is in opposition to your face shape.

For example, if you have a square face, it is recommended to balance your pronounced angles with a wavy or wavy style. Follow these simple steps to choose your ideal haircut:

Determine the shape of your face, knowing the shape of your face can help you make safe decisions more easily. An easy method to decipher the form: to stand in front of a mirror with all your hair out of your face, and with a lipstick to mark in the mirror the contours of it. Round: They are characterized by soft curves and a round chin. The forehead and chin are usually wide, as are the cheekbones. If you have this type of face, try straight hairstyles that go through the side of it and reach your shoulders. Square: They have an angular jaw, cheekbones and broad forehead.

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Oval: They are very similar in proportion to those that have a round shape, but a little more elongated. The only difference is that the cheekbones are slightly wider and the chin a little thinner. This type of shape is characterized by being able to adapt to any type of hairstyle. What luck yours if you have this form, since you are practically free to choose the cut that you like the most.


Heart-shaped: They are usually characterized by having a pointed and narrow chin. The cheekbones and forehead have approximately the same width. Avoid cuts with side bangs or with choppy layers.


Triangular: It is exactly the opposite of those that have a heart shape, a wide jaw, and a small forehead. Cuts with lots of volume are ideal for these faces. You can also choose long cuts, preferably reaching up to the clavicle or below.

In the form of a diamond: It is characteristic of this form that the cheekbones are very wide while the chin and forehead are narrow. Try to give width to your forehead with bangs.


Long: They maintain the same proportion in everything, the forehead, the cheekbones and the chin, which are generally narrow. The ideal styles are curls or some type of wave. Also the side bangs are a good option for this type of faces. Do not try to try short styles as they tend to pull your face down.


Choose your style according to the texture of your hair

The hair can be fine, straight, silky, thick or curly. For example, a cut that looks good on fine hair will obviously not look the same on thick or curly hair. Some guidelines for you to take into account:

If you have fine hair with a silky texture, avoid wearing a long style, and without tips as it can make you look childish. Instead, try hairstyles with capes and shorts that hit the shoulders or even shorter ones. Never use a straight fringe. If you have thick hair or curls or natural waves, do not use very short styles (they will make you look like a bush). This type of hair is prone to friz, therefore it is advisable to use long styles to give more weight. It is recommended to use hairstyles below the shoulders or even longer. If your hair is thick with a “normal” texture, you can choose a long or short style without any problem.


Highlight your virtues

An ideal haircut should highlight the things you like most about yourself, as this has to make you feel comfortable and attractive. For example: If you have a long neck, try using short styles or try tying it or making an impeller. Or if you have nice eyes, use fringes that do not cover them.


Hide your weaknesses


You can also take advantage of the cut to cover the things that do not make you feel so comfortable. For example: If you have a broad forehead, you can cover it with a fringe. Or if you have very pronounced ears, try to use long hairstyles. Consider how much time you are willing to use to comb your hair per day.

Add a little color (optional)


The coloring can be somewhat annoying when it comes to maintaining it, but it also helps to balance the tone of the skin and improve its appearance. Selecting the right tone can be complicated, so it is recommended that you talk to your stylist about what color would look best. Click here to know more about hair style cutting tips for women.