A good solution: the curly permanent

How is the curly permanent?

Permanent undulations are made with large wavy bars that are used in the normal permanent because they want to mark large waves and some loose curls. It has nothing to do with the traditional permanent because the latter is looking for a consistent and delicate curl for all the hair of the woman.

Is it necessary to have long hair?

Maybe you’re waiting for your hair to grow so you can curl your hair permanently, but you should know that this is not necessary. Your stylist can use a permanent bar that is commensurate with the length of your hair, so if you have short hair will simply be more pronounced ripples than if you had an extended hair. It is even possible that the result you like more in this way, everything is to try!

How long does it last to curl?

When you want to make the permanent curly you should need time because it usually lasts about two hours, but this can vary depending on the amount and length of hair.

After the treatment you will not be able to wash or wet your head for at least 36 hours as it is the time that the product needs to dry and settle in your hair. It is normal that during this time you notice your curly hair that will actually stay finally, but with the days the waves will be stretching and taking a very attractive ripple area.

How long does it stay?

Do not think that the curly permanent lasts for a lifetime because this is not the case at all even if it looks like the name it has. The curly permanent can be maintained for 2 to 6 months. But the duration will depend on the type of hair you have, but above all, the care and maintenance you do to your hair.

Things you should know about curly perming

In addition to everything discussed so far, there are some things you should also know about the perm so that it lasts longer and you feel that your hair is perfect.


Hair curling can be a good solution for women who have smooth hair or who do not have much movement because nature has given them too much hair.

The perm is not the same or you get the same results as when you put curls in your hair to get a small or medium curl. The purpose of the permanent wave is mainly to provide waves to the hair that give volume and vigor to the hair.

It is also a good solution because it has advantages, such as permanent waves make it look like you have more hair than you really have, so at first glance you will notice that you have much more volume in your hair. Your mane can seem up to twice as bulky so you will look much more attractive and healthy, especially if you are used to having too thin hair.

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