Hairstyle Tips for Men that can change the way they look!

This is 2017, if you expect to walk into a barber shop, sit down, get a haircut and be done with it, you couldn’t be more wrong. Getting hairstyle tips and thinking about your hair is a crucial part of our social lives. We live in the era of social renaissance you being a man doesn’t spare you from the disparity of being judged. Social branding and making a lasting impression are an essential part of our daily lives. That one Instagram post can make or break things for you.

Contrary to the popular belief, your hairstyle plays a bigger role than you might think. On your back or front, hair is usually the first thing to get noticed. You and your barber have a lot to discuss before you settle on a hairstyle and even you have a lot of research to do. Take hairstyle tips from others before deciding on something. Your facial hair, the shape of your face and the texture of your hair all have a role to play when deciding on a hairstyle. Fixating on the length of your hair also makes sense, and can be your own style statement.

Hairstyle Tips for men: Communication is key


Before you decide on a haircut it is important to communicate with your barber. In the end, the type of hairstyle you want, and how you would like to begin is all that matters. Start with showing your barber the kind of haircut you want. A picture describes a haircut far better than words.

If you are unconvinced about the haircut you want, let your barber be your guide. In most cases, they are familiar with haircuts and hair products. they are a reliable source of information to get started.

Hairstyle tips for men: The right barber

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This is where word of mouth and friend tips work best. It is important to choose the right barber. A bit of research is necessary, check out different barber websites to see what each can offer.

Remember, you are looking for someone you can trust on a daily basis and hastily hopping onto a decision make up for a regretful experience. If you don’t like your haircut ask your barber to change it immediately. If he cannot fix it, you are better off finding someone who can.

Make sure to get a good stylist as well. Someone who knows the cues to a perfect hairstyle. Taking care of your hair is necessary and the right stylist helps you choose the right products. They also decide on the best styling technique for you.

Hairstyle Tips for men: Deciding on the perfect hairstyle


The trends keep changing every day and the list of hairstyles keep growing. It might seem overwhelming choosing a new hairstyle at first. It’s always better to have prior knowledge about something before trying it out. Here are some hairstyle tips that will help you decide on the haircut for your face.

If your face is oval shaped you can bank on pretty much any hairstyle in the book. Almost every kind of hairstyle looks good on an oval face.

For people with round faces, it’s better to pick something that adds a bit of height and weight to their face. The idea is to give a bit of depth and angle to the face so that the round shape of your face can be hidden.

Just like an oval shaped face, if your face is square shaped you can choose any haircut. However, it better to pick a shorter haircut or the slicked back hairstyle.

Someone with triangular face should avoid haircuts that add width above their ears.

A face that hides the length will suit people with longer faces. If your face is long, try choosing haircuts that add a bit of width.

Undercut and fade are trending hairstyle choices for today. If you want to enhance your face try wearing a beard that complements your face angularly.


That’s all for now, hopefully, the tips will help you choose a better hairstyle for your next meeting with the barber. A hairstyle should highlight your facial features and make you look more attractive, keep this in mind the next time you walk into a barber shop.