Meet the new trend in hairstyles: fire and sword

Every day new techniques, new trend appear to improve the appearance of hair as this fire and sword hair styling. Many hair stylists would not dare to test them to verify their true effectiveness. But how would you feel if you saw your hairdresser with a samurai sword and a torch? The Spanish stylist Alberto Olmedo is the innovative hairdresser who imposed the cut fashion with these two elements.

HairStylist Alberto Olmedo 2

HairStylist Alberto Olmedo 2

In his local of Madrid, he makes the changes of look to his clients who prefer their techniques for the best results that he has unlike traditional scissors.

Traditional Scissors

According to Olmedo, the cut with a sword allows a symmetrical result to be obtained because its size encompasses the hair completely and not only a section like the scissors. It also states that the katana does not leave marks and the cut looks much more ordered. On the torch, the stylist explains that the heat helps to give more body to the hair and seals the tips. This tool allows you to direct the flame to where it is needed and to better control the result to be obtained. And if you see him working with the sword and the torch seems peculiar, he hopes that he puts the little blades to achieve a haircut in layers with his own fingers.

The technique of Olmedo became viral after the publication of a video that already has more than 178 million reproductions. Would you dare to visit it? This crazy hairdresser uses swords and fire to get the perfect haircut People, say hello to Alberto Olmedo. He has a plan. And that plan is to cut the hair in the craziest way possible. Alberto, owner of a hair salon in Madrid (Spain), loves to use SWORDS. Do you dare to make a haircut with fire and swords? This is the technique that Alberto Olmedo uses in his hair salon in Madrid that is becoming more popular. Olmedo admits that his methods may be a bit medieval, but he assures that everything has perfectly measured.


A new trend in fashion arrived in Peru and promises to revolutionize the traditional hair cuts that are practiced in beauty salons. And it is that a group of specialists has left aside the scissors and the machines to level the hair with fire. But not only that: stylists use a sword instead of a small razor. To know if the Peruvians would be able to undergo this novel method, a team of “The Night Is Mine” took to the streets to subject some passers-by to a cut of hair to pure fire. Some overcame their fears and accepted the challenge. However, others did not dare to try this new trend in fashion. The torch is an important tool for this process, as it allows handling heat cuts more accurately. In addition, the specialists say that the technique is ideal to give more hair to the hair and seal the tips open. And you dare to try this new trend? Do not miss this revealing report of “The Night Is Mine”.


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