Styling your hair with Fire: How Ramadan Edwan became an institution

Styling your hair with Fire

                                                          Styling your hair with Fire

Every now and then a revolutionary idea comes along that changes the way we look into things. Palestinian, Ramadan Edwan became a Youtube sensation with his unique and daring work with fire. A barber like no other Edwan uses fire to shape bold and catchy hairstyles. He has earned himself the tag of “flammable hairdresser all over around the world.

How Ramadan Edwan became the “flammable hairdresser”

Ramadan lives in a refugee camp in Gazza Strip, known to many as one of the most dangerous places in the world. Edwan has managed to create his own brand heroism with his unique style and blend of artistry. His Youtube video has garnered millions of views since upload. The video has transformed Edwan into a revolutionary stylist all around the world.

His unique genius in return and brought clients from all across Palestine who want to reap the benefits of “fire barbering”.

Fire can be a potential hazard for many of us, but for Edwan it is a primitive tool that can be manipulated. Fire is more than an option for the riveting stylist. The frequent power cuts in the area make modern equipment inaccessible and very costly. “It is good for blood circulation, the degree of temperature expands the follicles,” said Edwan. He uses a small gas tank to light hair ablaze and uses comb and hands to shape hairstyles.

According to Ramadan Edwan, the technique is archaic. Using primitive tools for combing and cutting air has been a part of Palestine for many years.

Creativity is a gift. People like us who lead ordinary lives appreciate the little spark of difference that comes along every now and then. In the world of hairstyling and barbering people like Ramadan and katana artist Olmedo bring the spark that we have been missing.

Hairstyles and trends keep changing every day and will keep on doing so, but it is people like Ramadan Edwan who keep the world fresh and ready to be cherished.