The “flammable” hairdresser: uses fire to comb their customers

The Palestinian coiffeur Ramadan Edwan uses “fire barbers” to shape a bold hairstyle. What are the benefits of this curious and dangerous technique? Haircuts evolve. What today is a fashion tomorrow is not and tomorrow, perhaps, tomorrow is again. The hairdressers, on the other hand, must be aware of the novelty and avant-garde detail that makes them required.

Such is the case of Ramadan Edwan,

“the flammable hairdresser”.

Edwan is Palestinian and lives in one of the most dangerous areas in the world, in the south of the Gaza Strip. A video uploaded in recent days transformed it into the new sensation of styling. Its peculiar technique of hairstyle that changes the new tools by a primitive one: the fire. “It’s good for blood circulation,” Edwan said. His novelty as a dangerous technique attracted dozens of clients who daily attend their hair salon at the Rafah refugee center to experience the alleged benefits of fire in the first person. The technique is not new. They call it fire barbering since in Palestine many people use it to shave their beards. “We used this idea for a long time and with more experience we became better,” said the Palestinian coiffeur.


The fire barbering technique allows for greater ease when combing

Fire barbering, beyond a potential risk, one of its advantages is that it allows greater ease when combing hair. It makes it more manipulative. In turn, according to the professional, it has repercussions on other benefits: “it feeds the hair and protects the root of it. The degree of temperature expands the follicles,” he said. Edwan, the new star of the stylist, uses a small gas tank to light the large flame with which maneuver in the heads of its clients. Both with a comb and with your own hands gives way to a unique hairstyle. Adventurous customers eager to experiment, it seems that they are not lacking.


Meet hairdresser who uses fire to comb their customers


A hairdresser has become famous in Rafah, Palestine for his technique called “fire barbering” which consists of using fire to make hair cuts to his clients. Ramadan Odwan, has been nicknamed the “flammable hairdresser” and has become an institution in his country. He himself says that thanks to the fire, the hair is strengthened from the root. In addition, it ensures that hair is best handled after applying its secret ingredient.


to shape a bold hairstyle