Tips to find the ideal hair cut and hairstyle for you

Before going to the stylist, it is important to determine which the type is of cut that most suits the person, according to the face, body and height. Here you can get best haircut styles ideas.

Straight hair: The volume helps elongated faces because it allows rounding the features. To stylize the figure, use it smooth.


Scaled hair: If you want to see the face tuned, for you a scaled cut is perfect as this will be easier to handle and helps to see finer features.

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Fleco: Favors a lot and helps to stylize the face, although there are a wide variety of fringes, the best thing is the long and asymmetrical hairstyle to the side. It contributes to define cheek and lengthens the round and full faces.

Long hair: Long hair is for tall women and not very thin. Long wavy hair is not recommended for women of short stature and makes the silhouette look short.

Semicorto: If you are short stature you can choose a cut that strips the neck because it highlights the neck and stylized the figure. If you do not feel comfortable, you can leave only the bare shoulders.

Volume precautions: High volume cuts tend to diminish the perception of height. If you want to look taller, avoid cuts with many layers.

Fringe: If you have short hair you can choose a fringe to look in season. For round faces they are not as recommendable because they increase attention in those features.

Volume in the upper part: The carding or tinted in the crown of the head is one of the styles that can favor the people of smaller stature. The volume on the top makes an effect that allows you to gain a few centimeters.

Horsetail: It is one of the most flattering and easy to perform hairstyles. This gives an appearance of height and focuses attention on the face.

If you have a very marked bone structure, you can opt for a hair with waves to soften. The collected hairstyles look good on most faces, although it is recommended to avoid them for people who have a round face.

Oval square face: Opt for the cuts that go over the shoulders to give volume to the face, that way you will soften the features. Style it with soft waves and fine wicks. Try to wear loose hair, and if you pick it up, leave loose strands or fringe.

Oval triangular face: The perfect cut is the long hair disheveled and layered to give volume. The shape of his face is perfect for the fringe, but the best option is a long and brushed sideways. The road in between is not recommended.

Oval face elongated: To round the face is better a cut of hair than volume, especially in the upper area of the face and the lateral area. A cut in layers and a fringe, if you like it, is very good. Prevent the hair from bulging in the front area.

Oval round face: The most indicated cut is the one that is at the height of the jaw. When cutting, choose layers to stylize and sharpen the features. The road in the middle is not recommended, it favors more to the sides.

If it is tall with a long neck, it looks better with a long head of hair. If you have a broad forehead, you favor layered cuts to play with the volume. If, on the other hand, you have a short neck, choose a cut that exposes the head of the neck. Click here to more about best haircut styles ideas.