TV Show Hairstyles: Orange is the New Black stars in Real Life

Orange is the new Black

If you are into TV shows there’s a good chance you have heard of Orange is the New Black. A binge watcher myself, I managed to finish 5 seasons in a week and loved the concept of a show being centered in prison. However, it was still amazing to see how my favorite characters transformed from fab to drab each season. Have a look at what the cast looks like in real life. TV show hairstyles are limited for a show set in a prison. However, it was still amazing to see how my favorite characters transformed from fab to drab each season. Have a look at what the cast looks like in real life.

TV Show hairstyles: Orange is the new Black stars on-screen vs off-screen

Taylor Schilling- Piper

Actress Taylor Schilling was introduced to the show as new inmate Piper Chapman in the show’s debut season. While Piper has changed throughout the years her look has been constant, simple makeup and straight blonde hair. For Schilling’s everyday look has remained similar, she does enjoy more makeup on the red carpet.

Laura Prepon- Alex

With pitch-black locks as Alex. She completes the look in the show with arched, thin eyebrows, glasses and a perfect cat’s eye. Prepon goes more glam on the red carpet and works that cat’s eye herself.

Danielle Brooks – Taystee

The infectiously positive inmate determined to lead the charge toward a better life, Danielle’s appearance in real life is a far more attractive. You will often find her in fashion-forward dresses and killer eye makeup in red carpet appearances.

Uzo Aduba – Crazy Eyes

In public, Uzo Aduba’s look is far more glamorous than her TV show hairstyles, complete with dazzling accessories, makeup, and a variety of hairstyles.

Kate Mulgrew – Red Veteran

Actress Kate Mulgrew adopts ginger locks to play the part of Galina “Red” Reznikov and in recent years she decided to stick to her TV show counterpart with Red’s hairstyle even in real life.

Taryn Manning – Pennsatucky

One of the few characters who has evolved with each season. Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett’s scraggly brown eyes might be the same but she did get new teeth. Taryn Manning looks fabulous in real life, often appearing in rocker-chic. Fitting for the former Rockstar.

Lea DeLaria – Big Boo

Big Boo has gone through a few different hairstyles, but she usually keeps it short and dark with minimal makeup. In real life, actress Lea DeLaria rocks a similar style, even sporting a tattoo on her arm that says “Butch,” but frequently wears glasses, unlike her locked-up counterpart.

Dascha Polanco – Daya

Daya is known for her highlighted hairstyle which she has been rocking since auditions. In reality, Dascha experiments with her hair going from blond to brunette. A fashion icon on the red carpet, she never ceases to amaze people with her wardrobe choices.

Elizabeth Rodriguez – Aleida Rodriguez

Elizabeth has a talent for nails. When Rodriguez isn’t playing a seasoned criminal with parenting issues, she transforms into a vision of glamour and charm.

Selenis Leyva – Gloria

Gloria keeps her look practical but pretty in the show, maintaining a short hairstyle, thin eyebrows, and a bit of a smokey eye. Leyva also keeps her hair short in public, although she’ll sometimes grow it out a bit, and relies on light makeup.

Natasha Lyonne – Nicky

Nicky lets her thick hair run wild with heavy eyeliner and mascara. Offscreen Natasha likes experimenting with her hair, although she sticks to simple styles she has worn some memorable looks in the past.

Laura Gomez – Blanca

Blanca uses her crazy hair and unruly eyebrows to her advantage on the show, her look is starting to soften as she gets pulled closer to the main story. In real life, Gomez is all glam and gets a fake unibrow drawn on for the character.

Emma Myles – Leanne

Taylor is missing some of her teeth thanks to her addiction, and she usually goes without makeup and lets her dirty blonde hair hang straight. You probably wouldn’t recognize fresh-faced actress Emma Myles on the street with her sophisticated looks.

Julie Lake – Angie

Rice is well known for her straggly hair, no makeup and not so great dental hygiene. Off-camera, Lake looks very different. She rocks a great cat eye and contour and definitely knows how to take care of her teeth.

Francesca Curran – Skinhead Helen

A bald inmate who terrorizes Litchfield with her tattooed face and neck. In real life, Curran accessorizes with a variety of wigs and flaunts a style that is very feminine and fabulous.

Yael Stone – Lorna

Lorna Morello looks like a glamorous old movie star, wearing a bold red lipstick with her dark hair in soft waves and doesn’t look much different off-screen.

Adrienne Moore – Black Cindy

Often housing two giant afro puffs and sporting a minimal makeup. Moore looks flawless on the red carpet, with bold hair, makeup, and attire.

Jackie Cruz – Flaca

Flaca always wears thick cat-eye makeup, thick bangs, and that signature teardrop under her right eye. In April, paparazzi photographed her on the beaches of Miami in a low-cut, sheer black and beige swimsuit that left little to the imagination.

Jessica Pimentel – Maria

In prison, Ruiz is a tough, plain jane kind of woman, Off-screen, the actress moonlights as a death-metal singer, performing in black bustiers and leather jackets.

Vicky Jeudy – Janae

Unlike her TV show hairstyles, in her private life, actress Vicky Jeudy is nothing like her troubled character. In fact, she’s even into beauty pageants and was once a semifinalist in the Miss New York USA pageant, according to InStyle.

Diane Guerrero – Ramos

Feisty and sometimes ditzy Maritza Ramos, sports perfect eyeliner and stunning, long locks — even while behind bars. According to InStyle, her TV show hairstyles actually has a resemblance to what Guerrero was doing her makeup like that look long before her time on the show, and her red carpet look proves she’s just as stunning in real life.

Samira Wiley – Poussey

Poussey’s usual attire is an oversized sweatshirt and ill-fitting khaki pants. On the flip side, Wiley is a stunner who could double as a fashion model any day.

Constance Shulman – Yoga Jones

Constance TV show hairstyles and attire are simple at the least, she wears virtually no makeup on the set, which enhances the earthy vibe she brings to her character. Off-screen, Constance Shulman a bit more fashionable and has been photographed with slightly longer, better-kept locks complementing a wardrobe that suits her tiny frame and spunky personality.

Nick Sandow – Joe Caputo

Typically sporting a tattered suit, loose-fitted tie, and reading glasses on his head.Caputo’s perhaps best known for his dated handle-bar mustache, and the remaining bits of hair that are never combed or well-kept. In real life, Sandow is a dapper who houses well-trimmed facial hair, no specs, and nice suits.

Pablo Schreiber – P—stache

The tall guard kept his TV show hairstyles simple, wearing his hair short and spiked. In real life, Pablo keeps his facial hair trendy.

It is amazing how different our favorite character can be in reality. Though the next season of Orange is the New black is far-far way, bloopers and a dive into the lives of your favorite celebrities should be enough to keep the fanboy in you engaged and craving for more.